Drawing of an anthropomorphic otter in wizard garb, casting a spell

1. Aristide

1. Aristide the otter wizard. If I played DnD, I would play as this guy.
Some wizards, like Terry Pratchett's Rincewind, are wizards to the bone, even if they don't have any talent or aptitude for it. Aristide is the exact opposite: the Gods saw fit to give him a talent for magic, sorcery and what not, and he just went with it because what else can you do when someone drops a grimoire on your head and tells you that's your life now? But more than a wizard, Aristide is an otter. What he cares about is fresh fish, the company of other otters and two hours a day of unstructured playtime. Take him on your quest but don't expect him to stay on task for long.
Also, I have Internet points to give away to the first person to guess how I arrived at the name Aristide.