Seven Camels

Drawn points me to the Temple of the Seven Camels blog by Carson Van OstenMark Kennedy, which really is excellent. So, of course, are many things posted on Drawn, but this one caught my attention because it’s actually telling me how to deal with problems that were bugging me while drawing yesterday. The Lazy Grind …

An unfortunate choice of home page design

The new home page for the Tour de France website has a design that, by itself, isn’t particularly disturbing. Nevertheless, it will disturb some, because they’ll be reminded of something disturbing. There are certain things that, when you’ve seen them, you can never un-see again. (Cropped screenshot below the cut)

Adorable Laurel

Le site officiel de Laurel contient des dessins mignons, sexys et bien-faits. Ses BDs sont drôles aussi. (Trouvé par Peter Breedveld) (This is about all I have to show for the French I took for five years in secondary school. Sad how that gets rusty. But Laurel’s drawings are quite lovely)