Digital drawing of a barefoot, bearded druid who appears to be high on something

2. Psylocibix

Psilocybix the Druid, whose potions won’t make you invincible but they’ll make you feel like you are, and that right there is half the battle.
The character and the name came from a shower thought that I posted on Facebook, which was that the village druid in Astérix is basically just the village drug dealer. This is addressed head on only in the Astérix and the Olympic Games story, and hinted at in the English version of his name – Getafix. The original French, Panoramix, at most suggests a mind that is broader than that of the other villagers, and while this may have come from having shrooms expand his mind, it’s just as easily explained by the wisdom of age and years of continuous study.
Nothing so ambiguous with this guy. It’s shrooms.